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About Helen

Stories that Move

Helen Landalf has a passion for writing stories that move readers. From an instructional book used by children’s dance educators worldwide to an award-winning picture book illustrated by her brother with autism to a gritty YA novel that hurtles along the roller-coaster journey of a teen dealing with her mom’s drug addiction, Helen’s books stir emotions, inspire movement, and compel readers to turn the page. 


Helen came to writing through dance, drama, and storytelling. She received her B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Washington, as well as honing her acting skills in the prestigious Professional Actor’s Training Program at State University of New York, Purchase. In addition to acting in community theatre and choreographing and performing modern dance, she taught Creative Dance to preschoolers for over thirty years, using her storytelling abilities to spark young imaginations.


When she’s not writing, Helen teaches and practices Pilates and dances for her own enjoyment. She and her husband host students from all over the world in their Seattle home.   


As a writer, Helen is always on the move. Who knows where her muse will lead her next? Could contemporary women’s fiction be in her future, or perhaps a quirky romance? Stay tuned for surprises! 

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Photo Credit: Steven Bishofsky
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